Cynthia AI - The most advanced Discord Bot out there

Cynthia is...

… a multi-purpose Discord Bot with one key thing in mind: perfection. 

While the average multi-purpose bot focuses on delivering 200+ commands that somewhat work Cynthia AI focuses on delivering important commands that work just perfect because anything below perfection is not good enough. 

Bold Claims. Got any proof for that?

Sure, check this out. Just have a look at this side-by-side comparison:

The average Server

You get greeted by a DM from Dyno or Mee6 sending you 5-20 invites from servers you dont care about. In the meantime either of those bots wants you to click an emote to verify you are human which can also be clicked by every Github raidbot out there.

Dyno or Vortex handle stuff like bad words and each has their own warning system meaning you have to check multiple warning lists to see everything about a single user and from personal experience I can also say that this can lead to some massive problems if you use the automated systems

Usually leveling is done by Mee6 (which actually does a good job at it), Vortex or a dedicated leveling bot. It works, but is another bot in your list and another dev you have to know if there are any bugs

The issue with fun commands is that most big multi-purpose bots dont have them. So you would need another bot for it, possibly even multiple for stuff like minigames

Other stuff mostly includes basic user info and server info and perhaps some avatar command but that’s really it

Mee6 wants premium for stuff like multiple reaction roles or level backgrounds, others to control volume for music (if they even have music), or to do other stuff that really should NOT be premium at all just so they can make money

With Cynthia

You get no annoying DM’s from Cynthia AI. However there is a verification channel with a true captcha you have to pass to make sure you are actually a human being

All warnings are in a single list. The auto-mod adds its stuff to that list as well so you can clearly see what warning was issued by a human and which was automatic. Penalties are customizable and ofc easily removable as well in case my automod actually made a mistake

Cynthia calculates your XP for you. It has a leaderboard just for the server and a global one, doesnt ping you when you rank up and has all the other expected level features like Level-up roles as well.

Cynthia AI has a big arsenal of fun commands and (mini) games such as typeracer, a quiz, poker (not the in-client one which requires you to be in a vc) and more.

The Misc category for Cynthia AI is huge, ranging from stuff like an advanced user info with badges over web-wide username searches to URL shortening using my domain and many more things. 

Dare I say I don’t charge for important stuff?

All I charge for is the CCC (Cynthia-Community-Chat) which is a cross-server chat, the fun AI commands which use GPT-3, a backup system that creates a copy of your entire server in a database, and the global report database which is basically a collection of all bad accounts that you guys report.

For more info about premium, check out the full commands list where you will also find the pricing

Also, check the full command list of my bot and decide for yourself if you want to use it or not. [Click me]

Add the bot:

Note: We do recommend trying out the bot in one of our automatic demo-servers first but you can ofc just add it right away. For testing it or if the bot leaves upon adding it, please join our support server, get the “Bot-info” role in our #roles channel and read the F.A.Q