About CynthiaLabs

Cynthia was a vision, the dream of a young girl to make the world a tiny bit better by creating an AI that would stay on our side whenever needed. Sadly, all dreams must come to an end but the legacy lives on.

CynthiaLabs symbolizes the idea of having freedom while not giving away your security, experiencing premium features without premium prices, and bringing unique solutions for unique problems to everyone. We provide you with a wide range of services.

Secure cloud storage, advanced bots for discord & soon other platforms and other applications to make your life easier.

Furthermore, CynthiaLabs focuses on testing the Security and integrity of software & Websites. Finding Vulnerabilities and reporting them to the respective people makes an interesting job as you never know what you will find next.

Lastly, CynthiaLabs is a think tank. New amazing ideas get found every day just waiting to become reality. We focus on exactly that. Our team of skilled coders always loves a challenge and thrives towards delivering the best possible solution to any problem thrown at them

Now please, enjoy your stay on our page and the wide variety of products we have to offer.

Our Work

CynthiaLabs Cloud

The CynthiaLabs Cloud was created after we realized an issue in the current Cloud Storage market. Most options you can choose from either lack essential features like online editing or are not secure, meaning they don’t use end-to-end encryption and merely store your login as a cookie in your browser making it easy to hijack.

So, we set ourselves the goal to fix these issues and while we are at it, also make our version look less boring than most enterprise Cloud providers. As you can see, our Cloud Dashboard already looks vastly different from what others provide. We let you connect various OAuth services (including but not limited to Github, Reddit & Twitter) so you can see all important data on one screen. Our Cloud also shows you what your last/frequently used files are and if you use our sharing function it will also display all your recent shares so you can keep track of how often your data got downloaded

Security Key App

Do you want to secure your System while you are away and are too lazy to type in your password once you are back? Yeah, we too!

This is why we created the Security Key app. An app that locks and unlocks your PC using a small USB device. Fully open-source

Privacy-focused Search engine

We host our very own public instance of Whoogle, an engine using googles results but eliminating all the trackers, ads and other stuff nobody wants.

Don't let google know what you search for. It's none of their business!

Discord Pentest Tool

This is the newest addition to our projects. A Toolkit using Discords API for pretty much every option

IMPORTANT: Not meant for illegal purposes. Only for educational use!

Need something custom-made?

Struggle to program a certain script? Don’t know where to start or how to finish?

We are here, and we are willing to help. Shoot us a message at any time and we will gladly try our best to make your problem go away. Having knowledge in JavaScript, Python, Web development (HTML, CSS & PHP), C#, C++,  Go & Rust makes us the perfect partner for your project. We work with code every day so our skillset is always up-to-date with the newest “tricks” the cool kids figured out.

Feel free to hit us up. We are happy to make your idea become reality and help you learn more in the process
“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” ― Albert Pike