The cloud that respects your privacy

We noticed that the cloud space for storage is dominated by big companies that offer no real encryption, no proper cloud apps, and crappy support so we just made our own cloud. The Cynthia Labs Cloud. Based on all feature requests of popular clouds that never got fulfilled. 

Our cloud includes but isn’t limited to the following features:

  • Proper end-to-end encryption
  • Chat client to talk with your work colleagues
  • Custom mail client
  • Office suite
  • calendar and planner

… and many more features. Try it out now!

In-depth feature preview:

The Dashboard / "Hub"

The Dashboard is your personal front page of the Cloud. Every user can customize their Dashboard to their liking. Add widgets, change the background, and display weather data. It can show you what you worked on last, display your social media feeds, and more. 

It’s a relaxing reinterpretation of the classic Cloud mainpage. 

The File Vault

Obviously, you want to store data in your Cloud so we made sure you have the best experience possible while doing so. 

The File area on our cloud, which by the way is greatly influenced by open source projects like Owncloud & Nextcloud, is as feature-packed as you could ever need: Editing Files, (Un)- packing archives, creating new documents, watching your videos and listening to audios and everything else you can imagine

Activity Tab

Quite a few people use their Cloud as an easy way to share files with others. Upload, copy the link and send it to your friend over Whatsapp, telegram, or whatever. However, you won’t actually know if your file has been looked at or what might be even worse, if the link to that secret business plan has been re-shared by your friend. 

Within your activity tab, you can see all that information. See when you created what files or shares, how often a share was opened, and if it has been downloaded. 

Secure Chatting

Talking to your work colleagues while working on some documents often means switching applications (or having them on two monitors, in that case, ignore our argument) which can become quite annoying. 

The Chat client that’s in-built with our Cloud helps to fix that problem. Simply check your notifications tab and click on the message to reply. Just like everywhere else. Simply in-built. We of course support voice & video calls as well. 

Secure Password storage

We all know that re-using the same password over and over again is a bad idea yet most of us probably still do it. Even some of us did it for a very long time. Take Clara, our CEO for example using the password “[email protected]!3” for over 3 years nearly everywhere. Why? Because humans are lazy.

With our in-built password client, those days are gone. Thanks to browser addons that install with one click your passwords will be auto-filled all the time and generating new ones just takes two clicks. All password hashes are constantly checked against breaches and you will be warned about insecure ones


Not the most loved topic to talk about, but there’s no way around it. Free stuff usually has a catch so let us be honest with you from the beginning. We do not sell your data to anyone. Your data is yours and it will stay that way.

However as you might have already noticed, there is no free sign-up or anything. This is because sadly for you and us, hard drives aren’t free. So lets have a look on how to get space: