Music for Discord - without google shutting it down

I think all Discord Users know Rythm & Groovy, two bots that got shut down by Google for using their API to play music from Youtube. After this, a bunch of people tried making their own music bots but most sadly failed or got taken down as well. We’re once again here to fix the issue

“Cynthia AI Radio” as we called it back when it got created, is our take on a highly advanced Music Bot. It can play your music from Youtube, Spotify & Soundcloud. It has support for playlists as well and can even send you the link to a song in case you wanna save it.

It has no pay-to-use features like Rythm & Groovy had for example and still doesn’t lack anything. Volume, loops, bass-boosting & more. All free

But how?

Well, for Youtube we had to get creative but that’s nothing that would ever stop us. Instead of using Youtubes direct interface, we use a 3rd party handler to send us the data. To protect said 3rd party, we will not publicly name it. Everything else uses the official endpoints to ensure smooth and clean playback at all times.

Special effects like bass-boost are done via our Lavalink server, the “middle man” every bit of audio goes through to get from the music platform of your choice to our bot. 

Full Command overview:

As we said, the bot has quite a few commands to make sure you can enjoy music the way you like it without any problems. Let’s have a look at them:
  • cr!help [command] – Main help command the bot
  • cr!search [song] – Shows a result of songs based on the search query
  • cr!play [song] – Play your favorite songs
  • cr!nowplaying (cr!np) – See what song is currently playing
  • cr!pause – Pauses the music
  • cr!resume – Resumes the music
  • cr!remove [number] – Remove a song from the queue
  • cr!queue – Shows all currently enqueued songs


  • cr!loop – Loop the current song
  • cr!loopqueue – Loop the whole queue
  • cr!seek – Seek a position in the song
  • cr!shuffle – Shuffles the queue
  • cr!skip – Skip the current song
  • cr!skipto – Skip to a song in the queue
  • cr!volume – Check or change the current volume
  • cr!clear – Clears the server queue
  • cr!disconnect – Stop the music and leave the voice channel
  • cr!djrole – Edit the DJ Role for the Server
  • cr!bassboost <none|low|medium|high> – Enables bass boosting effect
  • cr!lyrics [Song Name] – Shows the lyrics of the song searched
  • cr!youtube – Starts a YouTube Together session
  • cr!save – Saves the current song to your Direct Messages

Add it now:

Start your free high-quality Music listening experience with all your friends today!