What we collect, how we use it and how to delete it:

Important note:
We do NOT comply with any laws that tell us to store data for X amount of time for possible law enforcements! We also do NOT grant law enforcement access to any of our data. Only exceptions are if children are involved or its related to terrorism. Prove that to us and we will be as cooperative as possible, otherwise you’re gonna have a hard time getting any data.

  • What we collect:

– Encrypted version of your uploaded files

– (IF ALLOWED) your location for some services

  • How we use it:

– When storing stuff at our cloud we dont see them in clear. We only see a encrypted version of it. 

– When using any of our services that ask for location we only store that temporarily

  • How to get rid of it:

– Your encrypted data will be gone from our servers when you delete them from your storage or close your account. Instantly.

– Your location will only be stored while you use the service(s) that need it. As soon as you switch to an application that doesnt need it, it will be removed. No delay!