Secure FIle-sharing Tool

While we were working on an encryption mechanism for one of our other projects, one of our members had the great idea of writing a file-sharing App with said encryption. Easy enough, here it is. Theres not much to say about it so just enjoy it

A secure File-sharing tool utilizing AES and sending files over so they are One-time files. It’s a fairly simple tool with not many words needed. You have two modes, Send and Receive mode:

Sending Mode

In sending mode the application will ask you for a File first.

After you have supplied the file you want to securely share it will ask you for a file ending. That can be anything you want, like “secure-file” or “JonDoeIsCool”. It really doesn’t matter.

Last but not least it will ask you for a password, This password will help the receiver to decrypt and use his file. Don’t forget it!

Receiving Mode

If you select the receiving mode, the Application will simply ask you for the link the other party has gotten in the terminal after encrypting the file.

Input said link, and the password the sender gave you once asked and then your file will be downloaded and decrypted and you can have a look at that confidential business plan from your boss.

Simple but amazing Tool. Cant be spied on if they can’t read the file. Now here’s the Source-code and a ready-to-use EXE