The Team

Clara K
CEO / Lead developer

I’m the Head of this wild rollercoaster full of creativity, code, and experiments.

I’m currently 21 years old, living in the middle of nowhere in a country best known for one of its former leaders, and I absolutely love to code. I’ve been coding ever since I was a small-ish kid thanks to my Dad who worked in and around that field. While he was working on Websites when I was little, I was focusing on learning Java and batch. 

As I grew older I tried myself on Javascript and Powershell for quite a while before switching to Python which is way cleaner and more versatile than JS. Yes, it’s still far from perfect but certainly an upgrade. Growing up with friends all oriented towards tech and attending a school where you had the chance to work hands-on on the entire network infrastructure certainly helped a lot with understanding how this entire System we use on a day-to-day basis works.

Now I’m learning Go and enjoy working on new projects in whatever language you throw at me

As a side-note: I’m using Qubes OS as a daily-driver as security is very important to me 🙂


Ole B.

As the co-dev for the Discord Bot and other projects, Ole has done his fair share of contributions that helped get everything to where it is now. Despite his fairly young age, he's a skilled Python & Java dev. Very fun person to work with


Omtoi, another amazing find of mine is working on some of the newer projects. He's creative, focused and always shows great interest in the projects he touches. His code is efficient and fairly clean. Its a pleasure to work with him.


GalaxzyDev is the newest Developer on the Team. He has worked on his own projects until now and looks like another promising guy. He's working on the Discord Weaponizer with me and I might have him in for future projects as well